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This theoretical design for Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare finds itself set in 1917 Messina, Italy where our rich aristocrats find themselves far enough away from the brutal frontlines of World War I to enjoy a summer of frivolities after Italy's tactical victory at the northern border. This era was still very much concerned about social proprieties, and still conducted the practice of "Fancy Dress Balls" allowing for the masquerade to turn into a pastel and graphic interpretation on 18th century costuming-- a time also known for it's rampant gossip and rendezvous among the aristocracy, with a nod to Italy's Commedia Dell'Arte tradition in color and pattern. This project was done for my course "Costume Design for Shakespeare and the Classics" in 2019. Renderings done in mixed media, watercolor, color pencil, acrylic paint, and pen.

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