KING LEAR (2020)

This modernist high fashion design for King Lear by William Shakespeare is a theoretical commercial design done for my Graduate Costume Design IIIA course at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. The design employs a monochromatic color palette to support the dark and severe tone of this production. All renderings were done as a fusion of digital painting and photo collage.

Lear - Court

Cordelia - Court

Regan - Court

Goneril - Court

Edmund - Court

Edgar - Court

The Fool

Cornwall - Court

Albany - Court

Kent - Court

Gloucester - Court

King of France

Cornwall - Visiting

Lear - Visiting

Goneril - Hosting

Lear - Insane

Edgar - PoorTom

Kent - Disguise

Edmund - In Power

Regan - Torture

Cornwall - Torture

Gloucester - Post Torture

Edgar - Battle

Cordelia - Return

Goneril - Battle

Regan - Battle

Cordelia - Imprisoned

Lear - Imprisoned

Albany - Battle



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